About “Richfresh.”

Meet ‘Fresh’

Patrick Henry, known professionally as “Fresh”, grew up between Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN. He moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to aggressively pursue fashion/tailoring. After working with Ermenegildo Zegna for a year, Fresh chose to step out and go into business for himself, creating the brand “Richfresh.”

As a child, Fresh taught himself to sew, sketch, and paint which would serve as useful tools later in his career. At the age of 20, after dropping out of college, he opened a tailoring and alterations shop in the artsy section of downtown Memphis. Struggling to find a fashion-forward base, he then moved to NYC. After tailoring for a few prominent menswear brands in New York, Fresh moved to LA to pursue a more colorful passion. 

With a love for vibrance and colorblocking, Richfresh has become a name known amongst elite circles for his use of color and beautifully tailored garments. 

Fresh enjoys spending his free time consumed by fashion, but before anything else, loves spending his time with his daughter, Ava. Her light and youthful energy inspires his creativity. To Fresh, there is never a limitations and always a reason to inspire and create through his love for garments and originality.

Selected Press

Hollywood Style Clinic: 'First Man' Writer Goes Bespoke

‘Industry tailor Richfresh measures and makes versatile awards-season looks that bring out the fashion-forward side of Josh Singer: "I don't think I've ever had something that fits quite like that."‘


Draymond’s suit designer, “RichFresh,” weighs in on who wore it first — and best

‘“Richfresh” doesn’t have a website (he says one is coming soon), and boasts a client list including the Weeknd, ASAP Rocky, L.A. Clipper DeAndre Jordan and Houston Texans’ Aaron Colvin. One of his brand’s signatures is the track-meets-trouser pant, with the kind of athletic stripes usually found in street-wear applied to suiting.’

Style File: Rich Fresh

‘With women, I feel like I can play with more fabric types and more colors. I have a number of men that like color and they embrace it, but I feel like my women clients really expect that.’